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The Susan & Jack Holender Children’s Fund Joins the Clarke Schools 1867 Society 

The Susan & Jack Holender Children’s Fund is honored to be part of the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech 1867 Society.

Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech 1867 Society

Named for the year the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech was founded, the 1867 Society honors and acknowledges Clarke’s most steadfast supporters who enable the nonprofit organization to continue providing children who are deaf or hard of hearing with the listening and spoken language skills they need to succeed.

About Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech
Clarke provides a listening and spoken language program, meaning they teach children to listen and speak, rather than use sign language. Children served by Clarke use cochlear implants and hearing aids to maximize their access to sound, and specially trained teachers, audiologists and speech-language pathologists help them develop listening, literacy and spoken language skills to maximize their learning. Their goal is to prepare children to succeed in mainstream classrooms alongside their hearing peers. Because of increased newborn hearing screenings and early intervention services, most children who come to Clarke are ready to mainstream as early as kindergarten.