Susan & Jack Holender

Founded in 2008, the Susan and Jack Holender Children’s Fund is a philanthropic organization created by Susan and Jack Holender to help meet the health and welfare needs of vulnerable children.

This fund was created in memory of the parents of Susan & Jack Holender, Gloria & Lester Levine and Sara & Harold Holender.

Susan and Jack Holender, a former nursery school teacher and a retired corporate Chief Financial Officer, are a philanthropic couple with an ongoing commitment to serve children.

Since 2008 Susan & Jack have personally participated in and helped promote a variety of campaigns involved in championing children’s causes. The Holenders aspire to help and are guided by the belief that every child should have the right to a happy and productive healthy childhood.

Grant Contributions & Support

Recently, Susan and Jack made grant contributions to Save A Childs Heart, JDRF Juvenile Diabetes T1D, and Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech.

The Susan and Jack Holender Children’s Fund has also made grant contributions and interacted with enthusiastic participants in support of:

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Susan and Jack Holender

Susan Holender

Susan Holender has supported the fight against breast cancer, walking in the three-day, 60-mile Susan Komen Walk. She also served in the Breast Cancer Action Group, part of the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network Auxiliary.

Jack Holender

Jack Holender has played a major volunteer role in the Breast Cancer Walk and served on the Board of Advisors of SarahCare of the Lehigh Valley, adult day care service provider.

With the song, “You’ll never Walk Alone” as their mantra, Susan and Jack Holender are always there for those who need them.

Click above to hear Barbara Streisand sing this moving song.

“We worked hard all our lives, and now we’re financially blessed to be able to give something back. We hope to set an example for our children and grandchildren. There’s more to the world than each of us individually, and if you are able to help others, you must do so.”

Jack Holender, Holender Children's Fund

“There are some songs we love because of their terrific melodies or beat. There are also songs with lyrics that leave a lasting impression on us, move us with their beautiful poetry, and make us cry. One such song is “You’ll Never Walk Alone” written by Rogers and Hammerstein in 1945. It is our hope and dream that no child shall walk alone.”

Susan & Jack Holender, Holender Children's Fund