Save a Child’s Heart Endorsement 2019

Save a Child’s Heart

We are genuinely thrilled to receive an endorsement about our children’s fund from Save a Child’s Heart (SACH). The Susan & Jack Holender Children’s Fund is committed to supporting SACH. Our desire is to help save children around the world with heart illness and believe every child should have the right to a healthy childhood.

“Save a Child’s Heart is Israel’s largest international humanitarian organization. Our mission is to improve pediatric cardiac care in developing countries around the world. We have repaired the hearts of more than 5000 children from 59 developing countries and are training doctors from these countries in order to enable them to treat their own children in the future. It takes a very big heart to save a small one. Susan and Jack Holender have shown that they have very big hearts, indeed, and are helping us transform pediatric cardiac care in developing countries and save the lives of more dying children. We are grateful for their lifesaving support. The Talmud says that “To save a life is to save a world”. And, Susan and Jack are helping us repair the world one heart at a time.” 
—Rabbi David Litwack, Executive Director, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, US